Our Story

Maynard and Marcus are natives of San Antonio, the nation’s seventh largest city and both were raised in foster care from the time they were babies until the age of eighteen. After being fostered out, at eighteen Maynard & Marcus struggled to be survivalist through foster care, homelessness, abuse, biological family abandonment, betrayal and a myriad of other adversities, to name a few.  

When asked how he overcame the obstacles to get where he is, Maynard attributed his success to Jehovah and the life-support of his brother Marcus, he calls "Big Marcus" and having been taught by a foster mother and father who did the best they could.

Maynard in his own words stated,I believe when God is on your side, you can do anything. I take an attitude of gratitude over every mistreatment of bad foster parents, hurt from others, our deadbeat, father who downright never cared to be there and blood-relatives who cross-contaminated their relationship with me, as motivation, their abuse and misuse was no excuse for me not to keep my eye on the prize, as my foster mother Lajo, would always tell me. Their lessons were my blessings. They taught me how NOT to treat people who were there for you, not to be selfish, what a family is not, what love is not, what loyalty is not and so much more. So because of those bad experiences, it's a blessing I got family who ain't ‘Blood’ and I got ‘BLOOD’ who ain’t family."

Maynard and Marcus' ultimate plan behind their company brand is to address the needs of America's former foster children who get fostered out of the foster care system into society at young adult ages, often times without support, homeless, unemployed and stand in need of therapy, health care, housing, education and economic support services.

Galloway Gourmet™ is a maynmarc enterprise founded at the vision of Maynard J. Galloway, Owner, President and General Manager with the support of his close brother Marcus T. Galloway, Managing Partner & Chief Financial Officer. 

Maynard is a junior majoring in Global Affairs at The University of Texas at San Antonio who was one of six finalists that competed in The Texas Rural Challenge Conference, sponsored by The UTSA Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Rural Business Program, Texas Workforce Commission, The Heart of Texas Council of Governments and The Governor's Small Business Forum.

Marcus, is a student in the Texas Roadmasters program for truck driving and supply chain management. In addition to this Marcus is a husband, father and small business owner of Syde Jobs Bathroom Remodeling Company in San Antonio. He serves as chief financial officer (CFO) of MaynMarc enterprises and oversees the investment portfolio of all asset holdings.

How The Parent Company MaynMarc Got Its Name?

The genesis of MaynMarc Enterprises begin in 2005 after Maynard graduated from Sam Houston High School. MaynMarc Enterprises is a BPO and serves as the parent company of its subsidiary Galloway Gourmet. MaynMarc Enterprises received its name after Maynard and Marcus, which are both of their, first names, half-spelled and conjoined.

The name "Mayn" comes from the first name of Maynard half-spelled as “MAYN” which means power, might, strong, brave, hard and strength. The name "Marc" comes from the first name of Marcus half-spelled as “MARC,” which has multiple meanings, some of which include: a defense, shining, hammer, god of war, warrior and leader.  

Maynard would not have been able to succeed in his life thus far, if it had not been for the love and key support of his older brother Marcus T. Galloway, his mentors and home-training from his longest-providing foster care mother, Mrs. Lajo Pitts Nunley.

Maynard & Marcus on one accord expressed their attitude of gratitude in a unified statement to the press stating, "We thank everyone who has come into our lives, from our customers new and existing, to homeless people we've come to know from being on the streets, to foster parents Mrs. Lajo Pitts Nunley & Mr. & Mrs. King, our foster care brothers and sisters nationwide, mentors, teachers, coaches, true family, close friends, our business partners, our suppliers, the UTSA family and everyone who gave us support, loyalty, did us right and stayed true-this company is dedicated to you."

-Maynard & Marcus Galloway