About us

Breaking News! Grocery Industry Makes Way for Galloway Gourmet™

Introducing the Online & On-mobile Wholesome Foods Market that Comes Delivered Right Away-that's Galloway Gourmet™

"We're not in the grocery food business to be another grocer selling anything to make a profit. We care about the health of people and the products we sell more than any Texas grocery chain store that claims no store does more and we're dedicated to keeping our standards higher than the FDA's." 

-Maynard & Marcus Galloway
Founder & Partner

Galloway Gourmet™ is a Texas, U.S. based, online and on mobile "Digital & Delivery Healthier Foods Grocery Store" that sells-and-ships nationwide, nothing but delicious, nutritious, healthier, figure-friendly foods to include: (1.) True All Natural Foods, (2.) Gourmet Foods, (3.) Organic Foods, (4.) Whole Foods, (5.) Vegan Foods, (6.) Dairy-Free Foods, (7.) Nutrition Beverages and green (8.) Environmentally Friendly Household Products.

Galloway Gourmet™ also serves as a wholesome foods distributor of supply-and-delivery to school campus departments, brick & mortar companies and The U.S. military in support of wellness and sustainability.  

Galloway Gourmet™ is a maynmarc enterprise founded at the vision of Maynard J. Galloway, Owner, President and General Manager with the support of his close brother Marcus T. Galloway, Managing Partner & CFO.

Maynard is a junior majoring in Global Affairs at The University of Texas at San Antonio who was one of six finalists that competed in The Texas Rural Challenge Conference, sponsored by The UTSA Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Rural Business Program, Texas Workforce Commission, The Heart of Texas Council of Governments and The Governor's Small Business Forum.

Marcus, is a student in the Texas Roadmasters program for truck driving and supply chain management. In addition to this Marcus is a husband, father and small business owner of Syde Jobs Bathroom Remodeling Company in San Antonio. He serves as chief financial officer (CFO) for MaynMarc Enterprises and oversees the investment portfolio of all asset holdings.

Marcus and Maynard are natives of San Antonio and grew up as foster children. The plan behind their company brand is to secure funds to help address the needs of America’s former foster children.

The Difference With Us. 

1.) Galloway Gourmet™ cares more about the health of the people we serve and the health value in the products we sell, far better than any Texas grocery chain store that claims no store does more.

2.) The team at Galloway Gourmet™ agree it’s our guarantee, from A-to-Z not to sell food products having adverse, by-product contaminates and keep-off their virtual shelves items containing harmful ingredients that expose the human body to health risks associated with the consumption of such products over a period of time.


3.) The digital way at Galloway Gourmet™ is we use state-of-the-art valet technology that gauges when you're running low on household products and grocery items. So before ever running out of anything you need, your automatically replenished a new order of the same product items which come delivered to your door and your household is never without what it needs and YOU never have to go-back-and-forth to a grocery store for food and basic necessities or click-through Google ® Express to buy more items.

Vision Statement

The Vision Statement of Galloway Gourmet™ is to be the number one online health food store to make a way for the poor and middle class citizens of the United States and others to have access to healthier food options that are not so expensive and outdo our competition without increasing the development of brick & mortar stores.  

Mission Statement 

The mission statement of Galloway Gourmet™ the caring brand for which we stand, is to customer relate, customer create, customer educate, customer elate, customer appreciate and customer motivate, all citizens of the United States and people from around the globe to be sold, the following of which we dearly hold: (1.) That your patronage with our company brand is more than the sale of a great product, but a purchase-with-a-purpose that helps support addressing the needs of America's former foster children. (2.) Keep products on hand to meet customer demand. (3.) Benefit our product manufactures, partners, suppliers and military-bases in a united standing effort to deliver product excellence and move healthy-only product units expeditiously.